Bobi Wine is or will now be a Rap Metaphor thanks to Pryce Teeba – 7 ways why

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First of all I feel like Bobi Wine, Ladies wine or even better Honorable Kyagulanyi Robert. Okay no political inclination here! Bobi Wine (the track) is wavy but not everyone can jump on.

Roughly, a metaphor is a direct comparison to two unlike things to bring out their connectedness. (The picture is comparison) According to a metaphor is “a figure of speech containing an implied comparison, in which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is applied to another.”

Surprisingly; Bobi Wine (the song) was released about two days to the election of Kyandondo East Member of parliament:  And somehow those who will listen to it prior to the win by Bobi Wine will take it for a congratulatory tune.

The hook for this song has a prophetic effect, when Pryce says: ebibuzo na biyi’se ate mu high grade – which loosely is “I passed the test and with a high grade. Besides the getting stoned reference; Bobi Wine passed the test before the elections and after the election – right?

Partly we are to believe the Baru Beatz produced song Bobi Wine is inspired by the life and lifestyle of the famous Afro beat singer and now political leader, Mr. Robert Kyangulanyi aka Bobi Wine. From the lowest of lives to becoming a ghetto inspiration, sensational star and community motivator: Pryce Teeba relates with Bobi Wine’s come up.

You remember Ladies Wine Ft Bella, Kiwani, and High Grade? Roughly Pryce references to everything Bobi Wine to certify the essence of rising and fulfilling your dreams. This is in other words an impressive allegoric tale from Mr Teeba, a sneak peek into his own come up.

Nvuude mu ghetto ‘enyange true story (I am from the ghetto, mine is a true story)

Mpulira nga Bobi wine; is also about the hustle to get that paper like Bobi Wine. To be Bobi you have to put in mind the hassle that may come with it. It is a feel good track and anthem for staying on and No Sleeping on job[o] (word of Cindi, Tucker and Benny Black) – [download id=”3928″]

Hip hop, specifically with Rap is always quoting sports and other athletics to complete metaphors. Common names surround, the Blick sporting family, Lakers, Cranes etc. Pryce dedicated 3:16 seconds to developing Bobi Wine into a rap metaphor (Well done!). It’s evident he says: mpulira nga Bobi Wine which is an equivalent of “I feel like Bobi Wine” a simile right?

Entirely; the vibe turns the whole notion to a metaphor we can always refer to. Bobi Wine clearly is a metaphor: Pryce weaves his writing and his personal life alongside Bob Wine’s by asserting he is from the ghetto, a gangster for the Buganda King (Omubanda Wa’ Kabaka) and coming from Dangala Komwokya.

Pryce is quickly taking up the house hold name status especially in the Kampala Sub Urban and comparison to His Excellency Bobi Wine, he is certain the stars are similarly bright. Take for example the cover art that has Pryce with one hand on the steering wheel and Bobi Wine too controlling on one side  driving through Kampala. A close resemblance is created in the graphic impression of the two artists.


In summary what Bobi Wine suggests; is to feel like Bobi Wine/ to be Bobi Wine, have to…

  1. Leader (definitely with that Parliament seat this fits and sits well with the notion)
  2. have street cred and appreciation from your own
  3. Be focused, strive and prosper to climb by deed not words.
  4. Be a ladies wine (okay serious many will not pass this)
  5. Be an innovator (If the rest are on that Stone Age mindset) – listen to the diverse sonic appeal this track has and relate with Bobi Wine the person.
  6. Be a big street dreamer and a paper chase (make the money when opportunities present themselves) – is it a surprise that Teeba’s next tape is Kash Krop?
  7. Have a crew (not really but really! We exist because others do.) – if Bobi has fire base, Teeba has Dustville around him – no man is an Island even the Ghetto President now Kyandondo East MP knows.

Often rappers delineate themselves from their supposed audience and wonder why there, sh*t is not dug by those they hoped should. Bobi Wine honestly puts into perspective a social figure we all can relate or resonate about.

This does not underpin other rappers who have done the same, like on the recent Nvugga Kampala remix and more.

When you hear Tony Montana in a Ugandan’s rap song it takes some time to sink in. Now Pryce, I feel like Bobi Wine to. Point is, the direction to make rap accessible is a big one, Mr Baby Jajja Mayor (insert DelBoy adlib, “screw screw”) aka Pryce Teeba.

Well done Pryce Well done!  (Insert another Delboy adlib “eey” “Truee”)

Update: as of 3 November, 2020 Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu aka Bobi Wine was announced Presidential Candidate.


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Note** this is not a politically charged piece it is a cultural aesthetic appreciation!



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