Brian Wade wraps up the year with ‘Climax’ and there are shots fired

Brian Wade wraps up the year with ‘Climax’ and there are  shots fired

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Climax is a note to self and to anyone listening from Brian Wade. The track takes a straight spit approach with a beat that samples Sister Nacy’s Bam Bam.

Brian Wade took to the mic to voice his gratitude, word of truth and provocative shots to numerous parties especially those who lost awards and where crying about it. He didn’t specify who but heck, if you have been online you know the whos?.

I do this for my people , you don’t see the sequel /

I never slept a night ,am tryna feed my family ,

you out here crying , cause you lost awards , that’s vanity to humanity.

How do you let the people, determine what you deserve.

its absurd,that’s what you do it for ? I picked up my bullets and my armor

, I got one for anybody in the chamber.

Brain this year dropped two full length projects; SYNESTHETIC and ROOTSClimax is the portal which he uses to remind his fans of the music he dropped, thank them for being apart of his journey.

Well blogs didn’t survive this; he comments on the blogs that acted blind when he dropped music.

Shout out to all the blogs who played me opposite

I’ll never forget ,you will pay for that

you lost your principles by playing dominoes (dumby knows)

You say you know the game , you forgot my name ,

if hip hop is a house ,i am one of the bricks

I got no co-signs , I see glory signs

Let the music speak:

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