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Sliq Teq is finally set to drop his second full length project this year: General Ojiitah. It will follow Trap House Memoirs which was released a while ago.

Last evening in an exclusive listening session at Urban Aksent he revealed General Ojiitah will be released on Boxing Day. He also went further to leak the inspiration behind the project, the direction and approach it took since then.

 General Ojiitah has 300 the Movie as it’s backdrop story (on the interludes) and it is a project for Sliq to express his prowess and ‘might’ as a creative. He earlier revealed the genesis of General Ojiitah as a moniker and project  in one of our podcasts.

Last night he re-echoed how he took up the General Ojiitah title. His NTM friends used to make references like “Ojiitah, General Ojiitah!”. This simply translates to you are killing it General.  Listen to Episode 20 of the NuveyLive Podcast in which he explains this.

More details in the tweets below:

Breaking Down the Project:


Bad Idea:

For now let’s wait for General Ojiitah.


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