Burn Up

Burn Up is the first release from Keinoh this year and Rapaholix in general.  Keinoh last year got signed to Rapaholix and Burn Up is the first appearance of both Flex D’Paper and Keinoh on one track.

The Be Mine rapper has been experimenting of different sounds for a while: Burn Up  is an EDM/Rap collaboration with Wayne Anira, Flex D’Paper with production by Mio Made.

Keinoh debut came with a mixtape in 2016 and for  this year start, Burn Up  is likely a promisory note to burn up the waves and offer us new music.  The increase in the love for EDM will see this track have great rotation and favouring Keinoh and Flex as rap acts on it.

Listen/ Download below:


Burn Up – Keinoh ft. Wayne Anira and Flex D’Paper


Written by

Lyn Mugisha

Lyn is our contributor and editor. A Fun Loving Poet and peace advocate. #Poetry