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On the path to growth and longevity, Keino put out his Debut Mixtape Dec 4, 2016. ETHVILLE is a mixtape that features acts like St Nelly Sade, Tucker Hd, Sonny Sowez, Gamit,  Race T and Rodney.  ETHVILLE is Keino’s first full length project which yawns out growth and more growth.  The mixtape ETHVILLE in full is Everything Has Value If Love Leads Everything. 

On this tape Keinoh is aiming at inventing himself, in the ever competitive sphere and offers us 12 Tracks with Intro and interludes included.

Keinoh does well to secure features for the tape with notable rappers to support his project. ETHVILLE comes off as an inspired project and huge dedication to become the best his rapping game.  The production is solely handed by Titanium Rekordz’s Gamit, with dance hall, dance, RnB inspired sounds.

Outstanding tracks on this mix tape is the single ready remix to Rock City Girl with Tucker HD, To the Beat  with Race T & Rodney, Interlude,  Intro,  Focus, Hammer Time ( Loid Swing & Jhay Bucks feature Keinoh) and his version of Redefinition.

The mix-tape takes on a fairly diverse but so much Trap and 808 saturated sentiments, which says something about Keinoh’s influences. ETHVLLE is worth the attention given his ability to raise his game on tracks with notable artists like Tucker HD and on A-Team with St Nelly Sade, Jhay Effekt.

On the low Keinoh has to work harder to make himself more notable as a rapper.  Young as he his he has a number of contemporaries aiming to achieve a full length project – His now is to identify his highs and lows – the rapper he hopes to become.


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