Beck Cohen comments on the bloated consumption of art with new song, ‘Consumerism’ – Listen/Download

Beck Cohen comments on the bloated consumption of art with new song, ‘Consumerism’ – Listen/Download

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Beck Cohen is ideally riding his own wave and controlling his sound. His Body and Soul album is slowly but steadily taking shape. He has today officially released a bitter single, Consumerism that attacks the masses that have a bloated mindset about how art should be consumed.

We live at a time where how we consume music and related art has a template of sorts that we subscribe to and rarely question. Recently Baru and Delboy’s The New Wave has been making rounds due to the unique feel.

Similar to that, with Consumerism Beck carries on with his message of changing the notion of paying less attention to the message because all the masses want is just dance. The spoken-word-ish track is rapped over a dense bass and accentuated keyboard notes. He delivers throughout like he is right in your face telling you to desist the disease, Consumerism.

Music is somewhat stratified in away that to some point particular genders and classes listen to particular genres/sonics/artists. Beck Cohen emphasises he would love to affect all sorts of people but it is unfortunate the shallow is hailed over the potent power in meaningful raps.

As we are busy buying in to anything that is even poisonous to us being the sufferers of Consumerism, the young rapper is waking us up articulately. Are you consuming the right products? Do you feel like in the attempt to protect the Consumer alot of important parts of art are done away with?

Download Consumerism below and tell us what you think:

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Do you think lyrics and message still matter?

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