The New Wave Chapter 2, EP review

The New Wave Chapter 2, EP review

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The New Wave 2 is a project that is so allusive of the production ethic and spirit of Young King, Baru’s 2016 EP. To appreciate The New Wave Chapter 2 (TNW2) you likely need to be familiar with Baru’s TNW1 and Young King.

The EP was released on 19 May, as a follow-up of the predecessor EP of the same name. The Baru and Delboy creation is a journey through the audacity of the You without having the artists limiting there introspection and allusions to familiar things.

TNW2 opens with You a track that is in awe of a lady Delboy is into and promises alot. The intro track is followed by a risky behaviour themed track that details a tale of a person in need of some. The track is embroidered in sexual metaphors like the headlock.

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The theme of settling with someone in a dedicated relationship is strengthened and made clear with Tell Your Friends. It is one of the dramatic tracks. It makes the story vivid the moment you hear Delboy sing-rap same picture, different pose. Since the project is all woven in the second person with and interplay of the first person (Delboy) – this track makes it certain that Del, wants to make it official with his love. Later on Thing For You he certifies:

Every night I think about us on a corner
I don’t sleep, Girl I swear you give me insomnia

All I want alludes to kingin (Young King) as regards production and thematically reminds us of the You talked about on track one You. It has a catchy and unique flow with Del boasting about being one of a kind and putting Rukiga lines into trap. Baru subtly shows off his trap-magic here.

As I am typing this, the last track has kicked in. Being the seventh or I don’t remember nth listen, I am convinced Thing For You is one of the most outstanding tracks. Thing For You is alittle upbeat with hihats hitting around drums in drumline unison. There are dramatic instruments coupled with Delboy’s lean but instrumental voice that makes it worth the listen.

I gat a thing for you, so I gata sing for you

I know I was meant for you

I know you was meant for me

You is the only sleazy-ambience-trap track on the EP while the rest allow a head mob. Thing For You, All I want and Tell Your Friends (the synth on this track and the dramatic interpolations!) , are the most memorable because of the melodies, catchy lyrics, and cinematic sound engineering. At some point you feel Baru is actually speaking on the song through the beats.

TNW2 is a project of two individuals with creative harmony, and enjoying the process. It is best consumed as a whole. The beats share similar patterns or ideas at certain points which almost makes it a pitfall for the EP, however Baru’s ability to focus on engineering a thematic, progressional project makes him a young king over his creation with Delboy.

Arguably, this EP is an ode to a loved one and likely a mood-setter while lonely and looking for some, go get laid kind of music, or work on your relationship fam!

Pray for you like a Pope, take you to the top

I will pamper you like a baby

Delboy raps on All I want

TNW1 was about the wave, the come up the process of grinding and production. TNW2 takes that space and allows these folks to share their emotions like love, appreciation, happiness and more, making them humans who at the end of the day, love and do whatever they do for themselves and certain individuals.

This project is for you the listener, not about them but you. Even when Del speaks of lessons from his Mum like, while eating protect your body – we all learn lessons implicitly.

The New Wave Chapter 2 is available on Sulapay

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