Drillz is Coming In Hot, High Thoughts II on the way

Drillz is Coming In Hot, High Thoughts II on the way

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Drillz the rapper is back again with a new sizzling drop “Coming in Hot” to tease forthcoming project.

The rapper who is new to on scene is consistently collaborating, dancing and recording as much music as he can. As we were still wrapping our heads around High Thoughts he has been rapping his (supposedly head off) for the second volume of HT.

He is indeed coming in hot with this new project. His work ethic is commendable. With under three years active, he has a tremendous series of singles and full length projects.

“Coming in hot/I am breaking the locks”

“Coming In Hot” is his message to the world, saying he is ready. This is a promissory note to himself and his mother hoping one day he will be able to pay the bills and make mama proud. He also uses the track to express his lyrical prowess and on the sideline pushes for freedom, equity as he preaches against racial segregation – samples Idd Amin, Martin Luther JR. (I had a dream told my mama) and references Nelson Mandela.

The bouncy “Coming In Hot” is not about Drillz, it’s for anyone trying to break the locks, breaking free and getting their shot because they are ready.

Listen below or Elsewhere here.

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