Entikko turn it up on “Nkwata Mpora Cali”

Entikko turn it up on “Nkwata Mpora Cali”

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The talented gospel music group, Entikķo, has struck again with their new hit single “Nkwata Mpora Cali”. Entikko is a group of hip hop artistes who refer to themselves as a Fellowship of Christian rappers that came together to take Christian hip hop to another level.

The group has a couple of amazing songs already out like “Wulila Omutima” and “Enjiri ku Street“. “Kwata Mpora Cali” is their newest song and it is such a beautiful piece. The track features Barna, Vann Mesh, Cadilux, The Priest and Pyrate.

What attracts you to the song first is the inescapable beat, the evident versatility in the entire piece with a mixture of languages; Rutooro, Luganda and even Acholi. The catchy Rutooro phrase ” nkwata mpora cali” is also repeated severally on the track.

The key message in the song is to live a Godly life. The song also has an amazing electric beat that glues you to it. The official video for the song hasn’t been released yet but Entikko has a lyrics video for the track on their YouTube channel.

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