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You can’t speak about the Ugandan Hip Hop scene and you leave out The Mith. Starting his career as early as 1999 with his brothers in rap Klear Kut, you can tell he has been here releasing music for about 20 years. The Mith (Music in the highest) is preparing for the release of his heavily anticipated The Ugandan album.

The man

Born Tom Mayanja, in one week of September 8th, The Mith who refers to himself as a ‘big man’. Funny when never he can be, has a thing for the comic and confesses to be influenced by his friends. To know Tom Mayanja you have to really go through The Mith as he would tell you of his Crush for personalities like Barbara Yata and Karitas Karisimbi. The Mith keeps most of his life off the mic private.

The Mith

Together with his crew Klear Kut in the early 2000s had one of the hottest songs that broke boundaries for UG Hip Hop winning a Kora Award and setting the tone for Urban music – you can tell the “big man” has been part of the game so long.

There are three full length projects to his name like September Reign, The Week of September (2012), and the acclaimed Destination Africa (2014). Numerous singles and features too. The Mith with the pen has been referred to as a word Smith by many within and out of his circle; the surgical precision for every verse he layers tends to separate him from most emcees. When it comes to his beat selection that’s another story for a patient rapper with a good ear.

Songs like “Fire” featuring Tik Tah, “Winner”, “Big Is Me” , “Go Hard” , “Toast To Life” and the recently released “Ugandan Cypher” are testament to his selection of beats, offering variety for hardcore hip hop fans and the rest of the industry. His raps in English and Luganda are always in tune with what actually happens around him and in the world – often relateable.

The Ugandan album

The Mith has been teasing The Ugandan Album for over five months. He first made a public announcement at the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2020, this year having won Best Inspirational Song. He mentioned that he would release the album in March – and we are still waiting. Via all his social media accounts (TheMithMusic), information has been revealed of how the project begun and features on it. From the 1am calls to Koz and Effect, Samurae and more.

The Mith is always specific and attentive to talents he works with. We could say being a show host he is even in more place to pay attention.

The Ugandan Album was done when I inquired about it in March-April, and recent info pointing towards it being ready to be released surfaced. The album features talents from Koz and Effect, Samurae, world artist Giovani Kiyinji, Tucker HD, JC Muyonjo, Judas Rapknowledge, Blixxack, Navio, Mal X, Benezeri, Martha Smallz, Maritza, Evon, Byg Ben, Eli Maliki, Joseph Sax, So Severe, and Herbert Ssensamba.

The anticipation is real. The Mith knows this. He is preparing his fans to recieve the album. The Mith is a legend and the legend surrounding his forthcoming album is simply every Ugandan from his point of view and the features.


Update: Last week The Mith came out to announce that the album will drop this week on 24 September.



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