Here is Musitise, a Ugandan Music streaming service providing an easier way for musicians to earn

Here is Musitise, a Ugandan Music streaming service providing an easier way  for musicians to earn

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Musitise is a Ugandan streaming and download market place for audio creatives. It is a platform that prides itself in creating an easier way for artistes to earn. It comes at a time when our Ugandan creatives are looking for even better ways to sell their music, when the world is taking on online technologies. Many who have been asking “How best can I earn from my music in Uganda?”

The COVID19 Pandemic hit the world so had and affected so many industries locally and globally. The entertainment industry that depends on performance at venues and other means seemingly got so much affected. For artists that had made an initiative to put their music for streaming and download stood a chance to have some money in their pockets. As a way to make money music streaming is still the future.

Market place called “Musitise” ( which will enable Music Artists and Audio content creators upload and sell their music to the public and have it purchased through the simplest of ways including Mobile money, Bank deposits, Visa and PayPal among others.

Statement from Musitise Company LTD
But what is Musitise?

The platform which has been in the works was found by Ariong James Oscar the CEO of Musitise Company LTD. Musitise is currently web based. It has a store and music player. Any one can sign up for an account. The first level is if you want to stream music without the 30 seconds limit, you HAVE to sign up and be able to access the library and be able to stream while you browse.

When you sign up you can upgrade your account to be verified within your dashboard as an artist. This feature allows you to upload and sell your music effortlessly.

The subscription based service will enable users to stream a certain amount songs per month and yearly. This can be paid for using Mobile money, PayPal and direct bank transfers.

Mobile snapshot of the website.
How do I benefit as an artist?

Any one who verifies their account/upgrade to the pro account, they are in position to earn from their music. On the about page of it says for every stream an artist earns 20 Uganda Shillings and the company will take 15% off your royalties for every sale. An Artist can sell their projects anytime.

How to become an Artist on Musitise

“To become an Artist or content creator on Musitise is free of charge.

You will have to sign up first as everyone else.

Head over to your account settings and click on “Become an Artist” Button.

This in turn will send a Request to the Musitise team, who will verify the information you have sent to confirm that you are actually an Artist.

Upon confirmation of the information, the team will approve your request and your account shall be automatically upgraded to an Artist account and you will be able to upload music on your own and also set your own prices for the music.

Your account share require that you fill in details by which you shall receive your payments.” Source

Hopefully Ugandan creatives can add this means to the several other ways to earn.

Musitise is found Noble Start Homes, Plot 1688, Kaduyu Road – Kiwatule, Kampala, Uganda.

Musitise is still in its BETA and open to the public to use. If you are a creative sign up to sell and if you love to listen to music you are also welcome to join the platform.



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