Code returns with new track ‘Hold On/ Lindako’ and announces new album

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Hold On/Lindako‘ marks the official return of Timothy Code from dabbing with Jenny Musisi on TV.

It is about a year and some months since Code made a solo appearance, if we recall it was a diss track: Hits 2.0 which addressed Tucker HD.

Code since then moved on to pursuing his tv career and events hosting. He secured a UG Hip Hop Awards ’17 award for best Sweet 16 verse. He was apart of the Vuqa cypher posse.

It is evident that Code has an album coming which he takes the opportunity to announce on Hold On:

Back on Reality Rap, Still sitting pretty Where the Throne at (Get Back)
Now They Been calling me Back, Talkin ‘Bout “They Didn’t Really Mean That” (Get Back)
Fully Loaded with The Pen, Hundred Bars keep a Nigga Strapped (Pop, Pop)
What we tell them, CODE?
(Tell’Em, Tell’Em, Tell’Em, Tell’Em)
CROWN Day’s coming (Coming)
And We Gon’ Teach ‘Em how to make an
East African, Rap Album and
Eat Half Of Them and Sh*t the Rest of Them (WHY?)
Juice Back, Now I’m Sauced Up
I been the Man, Put the Numbers Up
You still Playin like Some Runners Up…

The forthcoming album as of the lyrics is Crown Day, and the Crown Boy is back to teach several cats how to make an East African album.

We are not so sure who needs these lessons but well we shall keep you posted for every detail.

Did we mention, Hold on / Lindako is free for download.

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