How to consume Ciphers in 2020

How to consume Ciphers in 2020

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Last evening we released a list of 2019’s Ciphers, and I realised we missed out the newly released “Trip Cypher 3”. It is the third installment from Trip Music and geared by Trip Smith himself. It is already added. Of this morning, I woke up thinking about the fire that was between 2015 – 2017, when Ciphers dropped and we all kept talking. “Who killed it?” – A statement we wouldn’t miss. Remember the “Vuqa Cypher” that had Nutty Neithan? I think I loved his verse even though it was had to comprehend his talk about blue hair and the like. The was a GT Cypher (Gulu Town) which showcased the future of Gulu Hip hop or let’s say some of it. Okreazy and them killing it. I bet you prolly just recognised a few of these Ciphers because they were hyped. Or well they had a strong budget. Or you are simply living your life with whatever pops up your radar.

Feel free to visit the list of 2019’s Ciphers here

Lyrical G has always dropped a cipher on almost all his albums. He would theme them invite Agee, St. Nelly Safe and other artists and the beats would be done Justice. He just followed the cultural aspect of Ciphers: have fun, introduce new talent and also expose skills. Love is yet another overlooked aspect of Ciphers.

UG Cyphers hit because of the event driven release which made it important to follow the release and join the conversation that followed. Same applies to all Ciphers that followed the same script like Vuqa TV’s and the “Red Cypher”.

This year, Talent Africa backed a Byg Ben inspired “UG’s Most Wanted” and we’ll there was talk for about two months. It benefited from good press and the talk was fair.

Releasing music in the digital era requires a moment, that is true. In 2020, I am sure there will be more Ciphers released and it is important to pay attention to what I said earlier about what Lyrical G would do and what Ciphers mean.

Here are 2019’s UG Hip Hop Ciphers

Pay attention to:

  • fun, forget the hype and have fun listening
  • new talent, do not miss new cats. If you are a talent scout Ciphers can introduce you to new cats.
  • skills. Has your favourite rapper shown growth in craft? Focus on new and old.
  • Love is yet another overlooked aspect of Ciphers, do not miss that. This year’s “Western UG Cypher” brought a unison of rappers from the West.
  • Cultural aspect, the Ciphers enrich the culture.

As I sign out, you choose how you consume music. In the comments section let me know how you view and listen to ciphers.

I am Ayella(@NuveySHAWN) and I might change the weather with one word

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