ICONIC: 4 Rappers who have remixed GNL Zamba’s “Koyi Koyi”

ICONIC: 4 Rappers who have remixed GNL Zamba’s “Koyi Koyi”

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GNL Zamba is no doubt a celebrated rapper/Hip Hop artiste, poet and creative at large. We might not say so much about his business acumen before we speak of the music that most of us know him for. The stories, the riddles, myths, legends and culture he brought to Hip Hop that would some how have seemed dead. The rapper who often raps in Luganda in 2010s was on his path to greatness and as inscribed in his name – with no limits.

He released “Koyi Koyi” a single off the album of the same name: Around this time Ugandan music was recieving a face lift with the Locomotive movement spear headed by the late Radio of Radio and Weasel. GNL featured on several of the songs. Back to “Koyi Koyi” – the song used a phrase common to Luganda speakers bad culture. It’s a phrase used to open up a riddle. He owned it and forever the generation that listened to him spit will always celebrate it.

Years later the song still receives love from fans and also from rappers who equally are fans of Mr. Nsimbi well known as GNL. The reasons might vary why, but for most it’s inspiration. Let’s look at the different remixes of “Koyi Koyi” below:

  • Fefe Bussi – “Koyi Koyi” remix. Fefe is a huge fan of GNL and openly speaks about it. The rapper went a head to recreate the video as inspired by the original.

  • Crazie Wispa – “Koyi Koyi” remix. Crazie Wispa is one of Western Uganda’s underdogs.

  • Stone Age – “Koyi Koyi” the final chapter . Stone is a 9 year old young rapper on a mission to be the next big female rapper.

  • Gerad Cameroon – Koyi Koyi remix

This initiative for these rappers puts a bright on GNL Zamba’s legacy and his influences still ran deep, if a 9 year old like Stone Age joined in to vibe to the song.

Long Live GNL!

If there is anyone I have missed on this list let me know in the comments section ✊🏿🇺🇬🎧.

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