JK Lubanto keeps party life alive with “Endongo”

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JK Lubanto has released “Endongo” to celebrate and keep alive the spirit of club and dance life. Months ago he released songs on Corona virus and even a love song with Rabadaba – “Kilincha”. This new project brings hope and as if it’s a reminder to those who love to party that they need to celebrate. Since the lockdown there was no official club parties or events and TV stations did their best on weekends to entertain people : , and this new song reminds us of how people have managed to cope without night life.

“Endongo” (dance/lit party) in away is a strategic release and anticipation for the opening of bars, clubs and generally the party life. It will make the playlists of party goers given its dance themed vibe. JK Lubanto takes times also to drop rhymes and witty lines. In general he gives an account of a party that was lit. The song was produced by Hector.

Stream “Endongo” below:

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