In Lill Rich’s POV ‘This Is Uganda’ critics, observes and appreciates the 256

In Lill Rich’s POV ‘This Is Uganda’ critics, observes and appreciates the 256

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Uganda, Uganda, Uganda my country…, – Lill Rich in somewhat an entreat and praise rap. ‘This Is Uganda’ is fair portrayal of Uganda in Lill Rich’s point of view. He is evidently aware of the pitfalls such as unemployment, corruption and out of love reminds us of our women, for those with an eye for Alicia Keys.

This is Uganda , pearl of Africa… Light up your fire

The track also seeks to inspire, to advocate for hard work, (looking for pesa). T.I.U for some, might feel like American rapper Donald Glover’s ,’This Is America’ because of the social-political sentiments. Rich on this track acts as the hood preacher, messenger, and victim of the shortcomings of his country and he is still a responsible citizen who doesn’t care what exactly you do but you have to do something.

Lill Rich stays eloquent and fairly articulate while detail Uganda at the moment creatively. His abilities we’re noticed ever since his mass appeal MTN Cypher 2 performance.

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