Jim Nola pours heart out on “Bye Mucheveni” reminds youth the ballot is their power

Jim Nola pours heart out on “Bye Mucheveni” reminds youth the ballot is their power

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In the bid to change or influence the current political status quo in Uganda, Jim Nola has come out in a new song “Bye Mucheveni” to remind the youth they have the power to change their own leaders using the ballot which is their “bullet”.

Jim Nola who is rarely in the mainstream media is a gifted punch liner who takes time to build metaphors as he writes. On “Bye Mucheveni” he goes deep showing how he feels the regime has frustrated progress of the young and even as a country. He asks why so many are silenced and there are no answers to questions such as “Who Killed Kirumira?” and others. Why is it there isn’t change.

He utilises the phrases “Bye Mucheveni” which most children would say if they saw a plane or car they like to refer to the incumbent president – the play on this is simply telling the youth it’s possible to out any leader using electoral means.

It’s a beautiful song showing that artistes can talk about just about anything and should express their community needs.


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