Kingdom Come is really a long time coming. Dagg MIZZO teased it through different releases since last year like God Giveth, Till Kingdom Come.

The project earlier on was titled Sail With but later he changed the mixtape title to Kingdom Come.

Last evening I had a chat with him and he revealed the inspiration of the project. The story is a blend of my spiritual journey and what I went through when creating the Project as a whole, he said.

Listening to it you notice it’s worth being dubbed an LP. Production work was by Dagg himself except for the track Byayanga.

The fifteen track full length features; Ruyonga, Play01 and Wake among the rap features; Janice Aine and Don Pizzle.

The young artist and producer has officially dropped the project today.

Kingdom Come makes it as the first official full-length project in two years from Dagg.

Stream/ Download below:

Download Kingdom Come

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