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You only know a rapper reached his peak and legendary status when you see tracks made about them or dedicated to them. A few hours ago, GNL Zamba released “Dear Hip Hop” produced by Baru – talking about his journey in hip hop, love and homage to the forefathers. 207 has just released a response to the track, and he calls it “Dear Zamba (The Write Back”

207 is a Luga Flow rapper and music producer. His new song idolises GNL, pays homage to him, and thanks him for paving away for a generation of rappers. On this, 207 a Luwero based creative talks of his encounter with Zamba and what it’s like to know that he is releasing music now.

It is a letter directed to The rapper and entrepreneur GNL Zamba. Listen to project below and comment what you think.

Update: 207 released a video for the song

Watch below:

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