Stone Age is a 9 year old with a dream to be the best hip hop artist- watch her “Kyekimu” video

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Stone Age handled well is destined to make a mark. The 9 year old is passionate about hip hop, walks and talks it – it’s part of her ray of hope. Under the mentorship of her Uncle known as Senior Sula, you can tell she is forming into a rapper, noticeable and confident.

Kirabo Tyra aka Stone Age debutted her first song “Kyekimu” January this year. To sell her visually her team released the official music video to the song, on which she raps about young children like her to stay in school, work hard and stay focused. Unlike some other child stars we have seen rapping about how cool they are, Stone Age seems to take the inspirational direction.

She looks up to GNL, as one of her key influences. The way she raps is gives you the impression she has done this her whole life – she is Primary Six and yes she raps. The secret lies in her passion and appropriate mentorship from Senior Sula. We are told she has recorded about six songs yet to be released.

Stone Age will likely be the female face of the new age of rappers of the same bracket, if the team is consistent.

Watch video below:

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