New Music: ‘Magic Flute’ – Rickie Muwanga ft. Aggrey Real

New Music: ‘Magic Flute’ – Rickie Muwanga ft. Aggrey Real

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Art has limitless possibilities and Magic Flute is a brand new track that takes that route.

Rickie Muwanga and Aggrey Real put together thoughts and crafted a song inviting a loved one to come and play with the magic flute.

Magic Flute is a song that details the admiration of a loved one and what they can do for their partner. On another level you might be tempted to think coming to play the magic flute is to perform fellatio.

When you blow the flute

You give me appetite

You give me melodies

The interpretation to this rnb and hip hop blend is possibly open, we listened to the song and here it is for you to tell us what you think the Magic Flute might be.

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