Ms Banks Flaunts Body and Chanel Dream bag

Ms Banks Flaunts Body and Chanel Dream bag

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Ms Banks promised herself to get a Chanel bag on Twitter when she quoted a tweet a few weeks ago. She said she would get it before her birthday.

On April 13 (yesterday) she shared a stunning picture of her on IG and Twitter with a pink Chanel bag that looks exactly like what she wished for. She got her dream bag before her birthday!

Well looks like she got it and she proves you can get anything you put your mind to.

On her song “Drip” off the Bank Statement EP she raps: We gettin’ to the bag and they mad, nothing new.

Here bag is referring to money but of course the song is about dripping, having that high sense of fashion. Subtly the Ugandan-Nigerian, UK based artist has a huge love for bags.

Ms Banks turns 28 today April 14.

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