How to Win the MTN Cypher 2 challenge

How to Win the MTN Cypher 2 challenge

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The MTN Cypher is back in case you didn’t know. It is a product of the inaugural UG Hip Hop Awards that happened last year – given MTN was a huge sponsor; a cypher was named or crafted around MTN as a brand.

Last year the winner was Emmix (apparently first runner-up but actual winner travelled) and yes got a million shillings and free recording.

The winner will be announced on 14th December and awarded at the UG Hip-Hop Awards ceremony happening at Golf Course. – The Tribe UG

It is reeeeyo, you can win it. I attended the presser for this year’s UG Hip Hop Awards and mentions of the MTN Cypher came through and I jotted some steps you could follow to win or even still stand out.

You definitely have to drop an intro and outro about MTN – so what are in between are your bars aka content. That is a ground rule and one way to be closer to winning.

Besides the promo there, here is how you could win or stand out:

• First, simply follow the rules which are available here.

• Think about what you are going to share or spit. It should be hot; you have to come through FAM! A cypher is 9 times out of 10 about showing skill and delivery. Talking about delivery – you have to deliver bars.

• Work on your delivery. Val Oketcho (MTN rep for UG Hip Hop Awards) emphasised that some of the things paid attention to, is delivery. Ask your friends if how you are delivering is exciting and matches the beat.

Get a ghost writer may be not. If this is your first time competing or really writing rap or trying to spit off dome, you need a sort of coach. A ghost writer should … I really can’t go there.

“A rapper with a ghost writer what the f*** happened?” – KendrickLamar

• See what others are doing. This tip works if you know of other contestants who have already posted there videos. Sounds like cheating call it being calculative. It’s more like a battle rap, where it’s your time to deliver. Don’t do entirely the same thing as them – that is the purpose.

• Make your video interactive that is unique enough and engaging. If you are going to use a 2MP (Mega Pixels) camera like mine, please borrow a 5MP and above. Have someone record you cyphering. If most of the other folks (competitors) are recorded in studio, use another unique space. If you choose to record in studio have some level interactivity. Conceptualise everything – you only get one chance.

• Share in time (it’s about five days to the deadline by the way). Make your shares come organic and really naturally. If you follow steps mentioned above; it is likely once you share your cypher you will have organic views and shares. Ugandans are not mean – if your work is good – we have FOMO and so people want to share what’s on flick and dope.

• This is the unofficial way to win the MTN Cypher 2 Challenge. Even if some else wins it but not you – these tips are one way to help you market yourself as an artist – put thought to anything.

I like rappers who have concepts in their work – Enygma

There you have it, get to work!

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