Waade is our community journalist on new song “Mu$ongeko”

Who/what is responsible for the current state of the nation and the world at large. Some countries might be facing a recession. In Uganda, you and I know very well that prices of literally everything went up dramatically – almost three months ago as the Russia-Ukraine conflict heightened.

“Mu$ongeko” read as mu.song.eko explores that search for the source of everyone’s problems. Why are are we in misery? Why is the price of soap, fuel and most basic need like cooking oil so up? The song’s title simple means: point out. So with this Waade aims at empowering us to speak on vital issues that each and everyone experiences – as a people we are all in this together.

Uncle Waade definitely went beyond his usual delivery and offered rap in English, patois and Luganda on that banging dancehall beat.

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