Tucker HD “Just Left Rubaga” video

Tucker HD “Just Left Rubaga” video

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It seems like Tucker HD just left Rubaga. To seal the deal he has released the official video to JLR.

The straight rapping and no hook “Just Left Rubaga” is from the heart, meditative and mature views revealing. The visual makes it clear Tucker is reflective and talking to his fans, and who it may concern.

In the video, head shots of Tucker like he is addressing an issue in interview/ anchoring style indicates these are thoughts from his point of view.

A quick interpretation: From the black and white frame, Tucker is talking about the past. Slide into the frame with a yellow filter he is seeking a light from the dark past (supposedly) to a red filtered frame with flashing lights a notion of success and overcoming. Basic as the visual seems, the progression and intentional edits (by Tucker himself) expound on the message he is sharing.

Just Left Rubaga was produced and directed by Nyakato Bingi.

PS: Tucker recently graduated and let us congratulate him for dropping new music and the new milestone in the comments section.


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