Muso AI launches ENCORE 2022 for Sharing Meta Data Statistics

Muso AI launches ENCORE 2022 for Sharing Meta Data Statistics

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MUSO AI is the World’s first verified music credit platform. MUSO AI helps music professionals to clean up there credits , correct Meta data and not forgetting, it shares the updates from ones music industry platform(s).

MUSO AI Launched ENCORE 2022 for easy sharing of statistic data especially from the music apps like Spotify, Apple Music and more.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Kyran de Keijerz, MUSO AI co founder and chief product officer says, “We started to see some call outs from our users who have been sharing their MUSO AI statistics on social media along side the end of year round ups hence inspired us to create ENCORE.”

ENCORE brings together data from Spotify, Tiktok, YouTube, Sound Cloud , Apple Music, and other major music apps so as to show the users time streams, downloads, collaborations, chart, playlists and more.

We wanted to give everyone in this very industry(music) a way to be able to to share their career achievements

Guess what? The Artist can print out a poster that has the world wide streaming numbers, Shazam numbers, number of videos, number of viewers, numbers of those that downloaded the music and more. As a Hip hop artist you need ENCORE, you can show your fans what’s your stand. These posters can be framed and put up at recording studios and offices or shared on social media.

ENCORE also includes highlights on reels, a summary image that can be downloaded as an image from Instagram, Spotify, Apple music, Sound Cloud etc.

Any other advantage of using ENCORE?

ENCORE ensures that the artist recieves recognition they deserve for their effort and work. This will enable to keep up the music industry standing up strong.

Interestingly, ENCORE is the catalyst to make people care about their data since one is going to share an insight of their data from different socials and Music apps.

“We wanted to give everyone in this very industry(music) a way to be able to to share their career achievements within friends, family, followers and colleagues” says Jay Baumgartner, MUSO AI Co-founder and CEO.

By making META data social and sharable, MUSO AI company is aiming to encourage greater global participation in the collection of credits.

Any ENCORE user more so artist or label will have access to tools and methods on how to share Insight of their data.

As the year is starting up fresh, as a Hip hop artist…one needs it, you could share your statistic data of your music from the different platforms to show your fans how for your going and this will inspire many people to listen to your music due to the great influence of your numbers – this is more like a Spotify Wrapped but for all the platforms hosting your music.

Share your achievements with friends, family, colleagues, followers and fans using ENCORE on Android or IOS.

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