N11 offers healing on BROKEN BUT MADE BEAUTIFUL EP

N11 offers healing on BROKEN BUT MADE BEAUTIFUL EP

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N11 released his BROKEN BUT MADE BEAUTIFUL EP almost a week ago laced with stories of recovery and a testament to continue breaking free from all sorts of chains. He is a spiritual/gospel artist, and producer. The EP opens in spoken word on “The Revival” feat Boy4God alerting to us the spiritual journey he is yet to take us through.

Born Nyende Joshua, N11 was going through a hard time himself while creating this project. It is one to address mental health related issues that we all go through and yet ten to ignore. It’s an open conversation about dealing with anxiety, depression and all sorts of trauma. Drillz and Curtis make an appearance on the four-tracks EP.

I diligently kept my head up while working on this despite different traumatic events that were surrounding me. Not knowing who I am and whose I am, self hatred, anxiety, and depression happened! Moments leading up to this, transitioning and progressing. I hope this EP brings you so many moments that are unforgettable and most of all bring peace, healing, selflove, reassurance that you should seek from only God.

N11 says of the EP

BBMB is a quick introduction to the artiste. Despite the mixes not hitting it there, it’s a good start for him. Check out the project below or on other services.


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