Play01 and DelBoy say ‘Not today’ on new single off Jinja Bred EP

Play01 and DelBoy say ‘Not today’ on new single off Jinja Bred EP

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Not Today arguably is the most energized track on Jinja Bred EP. Play01 opens up with the following powerful lines: Yell to the  wrong nggh rap(rap)/How long y’all think I stay seated in the back(back). 

On this new single  track five off Jinja Bred;he features Delboy who gives the track a lean, sleazy but biting hook re-echoing the supercharged flows reminiscent of Play01 on Kingin.

This is likely the perfect single to start November with after Bulikiro and 71M3 0U7.  It is as though play is aiming for the best inspiration song category next year. The track looks into the mind of an emcee trying to finally make it out and yet bad vibes and energy from naysayers pops up.

Not today, uh uh, Uh uh, not today uh uh, uh uh

If haters wish you to fall what do you tell them? Well Delboy and Play suggest, Not Today – and that is the sensation. When they push you down stand up and move on. Play has definitely been underrated or rather slept on and Not Today speaks out for him without trying.

The track was produced by Play01 and mastered by Baru. The theatrical drums and samples give it a feel of battle and victory that Play trod on so comfortably. The second beat or final 40 seconds Play uses them to resign in style and make wishes of being buried next to H.E.  Museveni a notion of saying he is a person of importance.

For today however listen or download Not Today filled so many memorable lines   like: “I’m clearly tryin to run ur city. Put that K-A-M-P-A-L-A to J-I-N-J-A I be that P-L-A-Y ngg that them nggs never figured…”

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