Brian Wade talks Clarity of Faith with new song ‘Olimulokole’

Brian Wade talks Clarity of Faith with new song ‘Olimulokole’

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On the mission to uplift others through Christian Hip Hop, Brian Wade has released Olimulokole to answer some often asked questions as a Christian. He boasts of the peace he finds in being born again and what it actually entails to be one. The song is produced by Pr Masasi and Lagum of Elevator Music. The sound is an Afro-dancehall, Raga beat influenced song, with simplicity in its flow to allow Wade manifest.

According to Brian this track answers what people often or for a long time have asked him; This song is a result … what people have been asking me about , whom am I in Christ? , am I a new creation since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour? , who is a born again Christian? , what should be my actions from the pressure of the society that I live in as a born again Christian? , how do I look at the negative energy in the world as a born again Christian? ,how do I treat fellow humans as a born again Christian ? , some judge me by my clothes, my weaknesses,my struggles. But they forget that am not perfect” 

Given that hip hop gives freedom of expression it is only right for Brian Wade to express himself and what he feels. His delivery here works effectively, and expect a lingo switch to English and Luganda!

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