Pryce Teeba reveals forthcoming projects including new single ‘Nakawunde’

Pryce Teeba reveals forthcoming projects including new single ‘Nakawunde’

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Pryce Teeba since 2015 has always referred to himself implicitly and explicitly as an originator of the trap vibe in UG , which is an over-zealous stattement from him. Others will claim that he has popularised the trap sound. Others will say he is a better trapper. Mr. Kasirye Alfred aka Pryce Teeba as we know him has been very vocal about the game and what he feels.

I recently interviewed him via WhatsApp to discuss Kash Krop and his collaboration with Fasie plus more details about the game. The interview is right below:

[4/10, 10:25 AM] ARN: So first, is Kash Krop coming any time soon?
[4/10, 1:59 PM] Pryce Teeba: I put it on a side for some reasons. But [it] will drop

[4/10, 2:07 PM] ARN: Alright, secondly: so are you working on another project?
[4/10, 2:17 PM] Pryce Teeba: Yeah, I got a couple of projects coming but planning to drop singles at the moment

[4/10, 2:22 PM] ARN: I have seen hints on a project of you working with Fasie is there a project coming with her ? What project is it? Sort of saw something like a visual shoot.
[4/10, 2:39 PM] Pryce Teeba: [Its]One of the songs off Fasie’s Album. But Got an Ep with her as well. About to finish it.

[4/10, 2:53 PM] ARN: Ooh great, we should be on the look out?
[4/10, 2:53 PM] Pryce Teeba: For real bro

[4/10, 3:01 PM] ARN: What do you think has been the reception of “the switch” from Mubajjune- Pryce to Side Zeno/Post Kambukulire-Pryce?
[4/10, 4:48 PM] Pryce Teeba: The impact is felt [cause] Alotta rappers trynna do the same thing I did way back on Kambajulire, Feels like the streets got the vibe.

Forthcoming single

[4/10, 2:54 PM] ARN: Should I assume it is the that trap vibe or?
[4/10, 2:55 PM] Pryce Teeba: My tape with Fasie is that Trap thing.
But coming with some new vibe with as well. New vibes with it!

[4/10, 10:40 PM] ARN: That’s dope. Just one more question: what gives you courage to keep pushing and making music?
[4/10, 11:44 PM] Pryce Teeba: It’s one of the things I do better. Most times it’s self motivation and I write alot.

[4/11, 12:14 AM] ARN: So you are comfortable with music and that’s why you push. Well thanks for your time Pryce.

Pryce Teeba: Yes.

As of 15 April, 2019 Pryce informed me of his forthcoming single, ‘Style Yo (Nakawunde)’ produced by Baru and on this he features cosign.

SixWith Note: ***So if you had any inquiries about what he has been up to now you know. Feel free to email / text +256702636798 to ask any question about your artists or suggest an artist you need to hear from.***

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