Pryce Teeba reveals forthcoming projects including new single ‘Nakawunde’

Pryce Teeba reveals forthcoming projects including new single ‘Nakawunde’

Pryce Teeba since 2015 has always referred to himself implicitly and explicitly as an originator of the trap vibe in UG , which is an over-zealous stattement from him. Others will claim that he has popularised the trap sound. Others will say he is a better trapper. Mr. Kasirye Alfred aka Pryce Teeba as we know him has been very vocal about the game and what he feels.

I recently interviewed him via WhatsApp to discuss Kash Krop and his collaboration with Fasie plus more details about the game. The interview is right below:

[4/10, 10:25 AM] ARN: So first, is Kash Krop coming any time soon?
[4/10, 1:59 PM] Pryce Teeba: I put it on a side for some reasons. But [it] will drop

[4/10, 2:07 PM] ARN: Alright, secondly: so are you working on another project?
[4/10, 2:17 PM] Pryce Teeba: Yeah, I got a couple of projects coming but planning to drop singles at the moment

[4/10, 2:22 PM] ARN: I have seen hints on a project of you working with Fasie is there a project coming with her ? What project is it? Sort of saw something like a visual shoot.
[4/10, 2:39 PM] Pryce Teeba: [Its]One of the songs off Fasie’s Album. But Got an Ep with her as well. About to finish it.

[4/10, 2:53 PM] ARN: Ooh great, we should be on the look out?
[4/10, 2:53 PM] Pryce Teeba: For real bro

[4/10, 3:01 PM] ARN: What do you think has been the reception of “the switch” from Mubajjune- Pryce to Side Zeno/Post Kambukulire-Pryce?
[4/10, 4:48 PM] Pryce Teeba: The impact is felt [cause] Alotta rappers trynna do the same thing I did way back on Kambajulire, Feels like the streets got the vibe.

Forthcoming single

[4/10, 2:54 PM] ARN: Should I assume it is the that trap vibe or?
[4/10, 2:55 PM] Pryce Teeba: My tape with Fasie is that Trap thing.
But coming with some new vibe with as well. New vibes with it!

[4/10, 10:40 PM] ARN: That’s dope. Just one more question: what gives you courage to keep pushing and making music?
[4/10, 11:44 PM] Pryce Teeba: It’s one of the things I do better. Most times it’s self motivation and I write alot.

[4/11, 12:14 AM] ARN: So you are comfortable with music and that’s why you push. Well thanks for your time Pryce.

Pryce Teeba: Yes.

As of 15 April, 2019 Pryce informed me of his forthcoming single, ‘Style Yo (Nakawunde)’ produced by Baru and on this he features cosign.

SixWith Note: ***So if you had any inquiries about what he has been up to now you know. Feel free to email / text +256702636798 to ask any question about your artists or suggest an artist you need to hear from.***

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