Pryce Teeba teams up with Cosign on humour filled “Stylo Yo/Nakawunde”

Pryce Teeba teams up with Cosign on  humour filled “Stylo Yo/Nakawunde”

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“Stylo Yo/Nakawunde” is the second known collaboration between Pryce Teeba and Cosign. On the Baru produced track the two tell a story of love in a gritty, humorous and unexpected way. Forget the usual stereotypical beautiful girl, on this song the two focus on Nakawunde’s inner beauty because that is her stylo (style).

Cosign who is a first rising star adds a soothing and sharp cutting hook that reinforce Teeba’s verses, creating a surreal story. This release is far from the usual Pryce, more reminiscent of ‘Number One’ or “Nzikiriza” on Kambujulire; however Pryce enjoys and excutes with more composure. He offers a beautiful indigenous feel all through.

“Stylo Yo/Nakawunde” adds to the many stories that the vocal rapper has told and hopefully will tell. Recently, he was interviewed and he said that new staff is coming and by 10 am today this track was out.

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