Spotlight: Meet BFlex, a passionate artist to watch

Spotlight: Meet BFlex, a passionate artist to watch

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The game is like a pipe, that is open at both ends and thus allows entrance from any one at any time. We have been following B Flex around and seeing him perform at different events including last year’s Art of the Legend.

Segujja Benjamin aka B-flex, was born in 1994. He says he started writing as early as P7. By S4 he recorded tracks like FLY AWAY, CAN’T BACK DOWN with “Producer Dre”,  and he got some rotation.

B Flex later released a mixtape; ONE FOR THE BOOKS which was his first full length project. Still passionate about music, after his A level studies he put out a video for “Up top” funded by his friends and elder brother Bryan.

Later on, Flex linked up with Truless records that helped him get gigs around town plus studio time. With rhis relationship he he met Jorge Imara of Jorge had seen him perform at one of the shows and took him on, helped improve his writing skills. Imara had a plan to have B-Flex on his debut album at the time, so he made sure the budding rapper was in studio sessions with producers like Andy Music.

B Flex was blessed to rap alongside a number of budding rappers the Breakthru album, on tracks like “Wavy”, “Don’t be solo” among many others. After working with Imara he decided it’s time to work on a project of his own. He linked up with a clique called CHOPHOUSE with founder A1 FRESH; according B Flex

“together we made an album to fuse both Truless records and Chophouse, we called it “TRUHSE” it was produced by loop Genius & Ledra , and in July we released it, it got over 1000 downloads in about two weeks, we were glad to have so many people listening in to the music”

B Flex is currently working on his solo debut album, Truth and Rights. The album will be concerned about the music game and the life of a rapper through it all. He has collaborated with people like J-wats, tucker HD, Chief, Rey Mac, Wabs Dj among many others. Apparently he has only released a track called “DOWN LOW” on which he worked it with Wabs Dj and producer Ledra. His album is likely to drop later this year.

B Flex is currently nominated in the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards ’20. A week ago he dropped a track with Tucker HD. He is a promising lyricist and energetic performer.

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