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Stayput is here again with the bouncy and realistic “Do What You Got To Do” produced by Asap Quan. The “Abubang” rapper packages several situations that a person can be faced with and is required to make a decision in the shortest time possible to proceed to the next level. Your first listen will leave you singing, “all I had to do…”

From being arrested drank driving, watching a neighbour charting on his girlfriend, being beaten by Kifeesi, drinking the previous night yet you have exams – Stayput paints the realities most of us have gone through.

He also takes a jab at Radio DJs not playing his songs and shares the gritty measure he took – sending death threats to the DJs. Stayput, also affirms he is here to revive Ugandan Hip hop, because it’s what he has to do.

Listening closely, “Do What You Got To Do” sounds like confessions from different people that Put owns for this song. It’s a song to remind us to find ways to survive even if it means faking a phone call when you see the girl isn’t your type – really Stayput?

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