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Since I Returned Home vol. 2 is officially out after a series of teasers and campaigns towards it from O.P.U the Koboko boy. The first installment came two years ago with features from Andy Music, Jae Chris, J.C Muyonjo and Kemishan. The idea behind it is: O.P.U’s continued Urban-Rural Migration.

The new EP, continues this story, the story of a strategist who in 3 years of settling in Koboko, has been rediscovering himself, redefining his grind to ownership of local business Camp Luda Ville – a potential tourist lounging space for any one. Since I Returned Home 2 is a 6 track project and the fourth full length release.

O.P.U has also added the video to “Dear Listener” which opens up the EP with an insight into Ugandan Hip Hop, it’s payola syndrome and other short comings in the game.

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