Stream Ill Gee’s polarizing Riviera EP

Stream Ill Gee’s polarizing Riviera EP

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Making music inspired by the times is a tricky feat to pull off especially if you barely had connection to these influences. Ill Gee took it upon his ear to absorb the Afro beats and vibrations to come up with his polarizing EP, Riviera. Having rapped for a while and attained production skills Ill Gee is in a place to experiment and create as he best likes.

His previous work has been more trap influenced. This new project is influenced by the current booming Afro beats that even Elton John cannot resist. Musically Ill Gee is so bold to try to stay away from the so deep bars on bars talk. He makes a dreamy 7 track EP that serves more as ambiance music for you to reflect and at some moment get you grooving.

Love, power, money are topics touched on Riviera even though there is a sort of monotone when he sings. It is left to a keen ear to notice the various production tricks he taps into for the EP as early as the intro “Time Zone”. In between the EP “Fat Grandfada” and “All The Money” are standouts that show his ability to switch between ragga, Afro beats and rap influences.

A little spice to the French titled EP is the closure “Comme Ca” which is open to any interpretation. Its a beat with some French chants.

Ill has the potential to make instrumental music. Riviera is not his best work but his bold decision to use artistic freedom to explore and react to his musical influences surpassing the coastline or operating at it – it is his self musical riviera.

STREAM Riviera below:


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