Sylvester Kabombo has partnered with Mau Qreashionz to extend clothing line to a Global market

Sylvester Kabombo has partnered with Mau Qreashionz to extend clothing line to a Global market

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Last week, Sylvester Kabombo shared news of the forthcoming release of his debut compilation album Ziva Muntuuyo on all streaming services this week, on 9th July, 2021. The one half of Sylvester and Abramz also took the opportunity to share the future and current state of his co-founded Keek Uganda Store and clothing line respectively. Few artistes have the entrepreneurship abilities and zeal to look at other streams of revenue other than music. Most manage their music only as their main business. Sylvester Kabombo is among the few and one of the earliest UG Hip Hop fashion entrepreneurs to have done it consistently. Rapaholix Wear any one? The entrepreneur has not been sleeping, and hasn’t let his mind to be locked. He has partnered through Keek Uganda with Mau Qreashionz to push his clothing line beyond Africa.

For context: Sylvester runs Keek Uganda, a printing social enterprise whose aim is to impact lives through creativity and fashion that he co-founded with Celiah Natteero, a crocheter and educator in 2018, in partnership with She Is Hiphop. Keek Uganda also offers free space and crochet trainings to underprivileged children and adults. The clothing journey for Mr. Kabombo started in 2012 with him producing tee shirts, hoodies and sweat shirts as he drawing inspiration from his music. Later on went a head to do customized based products for clients.


To shop follow at Keek today here

Distinctly, his line has an empowerment, education approach besides the aesthetic. It is no wonder that he was once invited by Anita Asasira (R.I.P) a lecturer on 23rd April 2013, to the Makerere University Department of Performing Arts and Film to lecture on “Uganda Hiphop Music And Its Impact On The General Population” for the Bachelor of Arts In Music students. Sylvester is the first rapper in Uganda to get such a unique invite.

Sylvester Kabombo at the Makerere University Department of Performing Arts and Film to lecture, donned in Omulya Mamba tee.

Since last year, March 2020, artistes haven’t been performing or earning from larger audience performances. Sylvester has used his influence to push his clothing merchandise as a means to make some paper or more.For an artiste who has performed on numerous platforms like: at ZIFF Festival (Zanzibar), World Music Day (2 editions), King Oedipus (first theatre play with a theme Rap performance in Uganda), Typical Fefe & Tiwony Concert, LaBa Street Art Festival (2 editions), We Love Uganda (3 editions), Hip Hop for Society, Sylvester & Abramz Annual Concerts, My World Images Festival Tour (Denmark), Bayimba International Festival Kampala, Breakfast Jam among others; and looking at the new normal innovating and creating partnerships is a smart move to continue earning from products translated from your music.

About the Keek Uganda partnership with Mau Qreashionz. See extract below:

Sylvester: Someone said that before you “think outside the box” see if you have used all the available tools inside the box. As I write this I can’t perform, organize events, access our shop and printery  due to the lockdown and yet there are people out there who could be in need of our products and services.

Secondly, the people outside Africa have always struggled to access these items and as a solution sometimes they either send someone (not everyone would be willing to carry things for you), wait till they visit or use a delivery service which takes long sometimes and is expensive depending on your geographical location.

As they say, you can lock down the body, not the mind. The partnership was initiated by Mau Qreashionz, an apparel company in the U.S. and discussions started in the first lockdown 2020 to see how we can create another revenue stream and also bring business closer to people outside Africa. I am happy that now it has come to life. In this partnership our main focus is clients outside Africa but anyone anywhere in the world can go online and place an order. […]  and we’ll be adding more items there. Note that this partnership or arrangement  will continue to serve the intended people even after the lockdown is lifted. The local clientele will continue to be served under Keek Uganda.

Interestingly for every purchase or service made from Keek, a percentage goes towards supporting free skill based trainings. It is now official, in case you are abroad, beyond Africa you can access the products from Keek Uganda, popular products like the Ziva Muntuuyo tee and hoodie.

To shop follow at Keek today here

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