The reason you may think UG hip hop is DEAD(Part Two)

The reason you may think UG hip hop is DEAD(Part Two)

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Written by Ayella R.N.

Part one highlighted the mis use of media, the natural hate towards the genre. This contributes the picture that keeps being painted by many who  get in contact with such slackening acts. Its not that all participants in the culture are bent towards social media irritation.

The Scratch a back Policy
So when you take long to hear new material on your favorite radio, what do you do? Do you conclude that well these hiphop artists have nothing new out there. When the same artists you are aware of get the most rotation you will conclude of course in that direction.

Now did you know that some radio hosts would play your song if you followed them on twitter or liked their FB page-this absurd. If ten hosts do this to thirty young artists(who are the most victims) what do you think we could miss?

A lot of music!

And there will the air waves be left with a drought of fresh content. So they are forced to become internet rappers(mainly well known online). Scratching a back could entail paying a fee for play-thats how bad it gets. The internet thus plays a big role fir these artists to market and distribute there music.

The genre has more aspirants than any other genre in the country today and so the death is quite not something appropriate to say. So i think its high time to use the internet to look for good Ugandan hip hop online from all the platforms we get in contact with.

But its still dead!
That then is imprinted in your mind, the genre is narrowed only to Rap (which is a gimmick). When Abramz isn’t dropping bars he is probably somewhere at Nsambya sharing hall B-dancing with the youth who come in full attendance. With four elements +knowledge it surely cant be dead.

Your listener-Ship is very Light
When many Ugandans want to listen to things that are easily made like sing along-lyrics the result is thoughts of ‘what is he saying? MAN these guys be saying weak Sh*t?’

Rap is blessed with so creative space that includes employing vocabulary, rhyme and many things that shape a rappers delivery. Now many anti creative flaws in hip hop will wonder why i bother with this, its Okay it is essential for those who appreciate that.

A few genres in the country that are indigenous actually have very nice literature in them. Most people are so much capsized in the pop of cultures , what happens is what they go with. If there was  a song about ducks:

Duck duck duck ooh duck duck
Ooh duck. I said duck

Of course with a few more different words, you will find catchy lyrics and beats being infectious with little intelligent laying of ideas or a lack of sublime conceptions.

What the hell ?
As i expected. Hip Hop has almost every genre which samples have been a living proof. Those who may conclude the death of a genre therefore don’t understand it right from the way the subject matter is expressed,  delivered and the beauty at the end of it all.

Did you know tongue twisters contribute to rapping skills(musical skills)?– My Children’s’ Literature instructor once Said.



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