Global Ear: A HipHop Virtual Museum and what we should learn from it

Global Ear: A HipHop Virtual Museum and what we should learn from it

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We are motivated to talk about Ugandan Hip Hop, poetry and spoken word to the world over and at the same we aim at finding information that is relevant to a Ugandan society and for this case / post, Hip Hop. The fact that the initiative by Universal Hip Hop Museum is most likely to affect world-wide audiences and matter of fact reach them through this supposed App- A digital Museum.


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A Virtual Museum That Brings The Global History of Hip Hop To All Mobile Devices Worldwide. 

The Universal Hip Hop museum is the official museum of Hip Hop Culture. The first fully interactive museum designed for mobile devices. Backed by Hip Hop Pioneers such as Kurtis Blow, Afrika Bambaataa, Krayzie Bone, Ice T, Melle Mel, Grandwizzard Theodore, Paradise Gray, Q Tip, Doug E. Fresh, MC Sha Rock and other iconic legends representing Hip Hop’s 5 core elements.

We are seeking funding to complete the design and engineering of the world’s first mobile device powered virtual museum, for preserving, documenting, and advancing Hip-Hop culture Worldwide! Your support will aid in the creation of the most innovative virtual museum for cultural arts, education, and entertainment with a social focus!



Some of the rappers from the US are undoubtedly inspirations and influences to some of our rappers that is so obvious however you should first ignore that at focus at the embrace of technology to preserve culture Hip Hop culture to be exact. What I think we (in Uganda here ) is that we can also embrace our culture through using these advanced technologies in an era of information. And more still embrace modern technology to preserve and document our culture.

Many I hate hip hop characters honestly could benefit from this and escape many of our hardcore hip hop man-ship rage towards them for their ignorance. In other words out of the five elements Knowledge is still the least explored even among the  participants of the culture (Artists)  themselves and their fans. This modern approach should be embraced and fully supported  and may be we can also develop our national hip hop museum that if at any point UHHM would love to include information about Ugandan hip hop.

Honestly it doesn’t HURT knowing about hip hop beyond your border!


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