Who killed HipHop that’s if it’s dead?(Infographic)+ Digital Book

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The question; Is HipHop dead ? keeps coming back every other day not only in Uganda but even on a global scale. Some agree that it is dead others think it just changed and others dont bother to think about it. Locally the same feeling and notion of hiphop being dead is always carried forth to even a media level- The kampala Sun we remember the story you ran about Ugandan Hip Hop!

NOW THIS is a rare review that i put up together to break down Who Killed HipHop?  The views are inspired by the song it self by Enygma ft Mulekwa. This review has also been turned into a digital book which you may download as soon as some issues are cleared!

And well Who killed HipHop?


THE DJ: Mulekwa personally says this on his verse that DJs played songs only for there girlfriends and played Foreign music thus ignoring Ugand Music(UG HipHop).


THE FANS: On top of it failed to buy Albums, singles and other projects from the artists.


THE MEDIA: “They say hiphop in Uganda struggling to survive” Enygma. Instead of celebrating the culture offered negative criticism and on social media it was a war against rappers. Who doesnt remember the small sections in magazines mbu dedicated to hiphop. So the I hate hiphop man! Notions and perceptions were imprinted by Media houses. And suprisingly those who failed to make it in the genre contribute to the bitter stories even when they claim its dead.


THE ARTISTS: THOSE who couldn’t write a poem and seemingly had no clue about the culture. Illogical braggadocio ate many of them. Failed to realise their purpose as rappers.


THE PRODUCERS: WHO  made so many delays in making material despite the agreement between the artists. Or letting them down. I hear one rapper couldnt make his album due to a comprised state of production caused by some producers.


THE DIVISIONISM: “If you rap in English your wack.” “local languages in rap sound weird.”
That was an  interruption in our progress hiphop would be bigger. Camps against camp. Some couldn’t collaborate with others and when its clear collaborations boost something about an artist in most cases if its the right collab.


THE CULTURE VULTURES: THESE ONES, Mulekwa clearly expresess “Eyaali kuliture kati ya fuu’ka ndaabikah/ Buli ayagala okusiba balansi nga ja ayingila kaliture..”This loosely translates to, vultures who hoped to copy and do certain things regardless of their knowledge, joined the culture.

You see i didnt forget the promoters, who were very opportunistic and concentrated on bagging something for themselves.


WE ALL  KILLED HIPHOP! One sure thing is we all fall in each category of killer, or murderer. I am a fan, rapper, you could be one of the rest and think about your actions.

Who will resurrect Hip Hop ? Is it dead any way?

I think following the above issues we should agree those are the things killing hip hop!


Let them not lie and i am sorry for them hiphop so ALIVE. There has been progress and if hip hop ever died, it was just only a cell like dead skin that paves way for the fresh layer.  Are you doubting?  Ask Navio if Allan Kasujja didnot turn up at The Chosen Album Release at Panamera. The rapping President’s son too. 8,000+ copies of the album  were sold in the first week.

Listen to Who killed Hip Hop?

Enygma and Mulekwa for their vivid description of What killed Hip Hop in their verses.

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The Digital book wil be released in due time for now tell us if you liked this and feel free to leave a comment on what you think needs correction. Add your views to.

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors



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