Who really needs UG Hip Hop History?

Who really needs UG Hip Hop History?

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The past, the future or maybe like S.T.R.A.P the Futuristic Past – What would we prefer or need? The present?

First of all Hip Hop history in Uganda is so much lurking and no one is really to blame. We have to look over the initial impediments that the genre/culture faced at the time of its emergence. Even though; when Hip Hop in Uganda was born is still a questionable argument. Some stand with 1993 or earlier and others trace it up to 1994.

Well that is then problematic like an argument by a millennial and an OG about the position of Prim N Propa in the genre or Philly’s (R.I.P) bars on Nakazana. Or to ignore the Kora award before anyone, East African Party, Kyendi Kyendi and persons like  Bataaka Squad, Mc Afric (R.I.P), Lumix Da Don (R.I.P), DV8, Sanyu Fm etc.

Our history, in most cases hangs in verbal discussions to a few not so mainstream platforms. Radio Interviews sometimes tend to provoke this thing called Ugandan Hip Hop History- some would argue that; “it’s the past bruh!” The generation that I am from is the one that was  shaped by Channel 5 (EATV) and this validates the scarcity of that knowledge limited to  those who came before promo platforms like this.

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The issue of who needs hip hop history should be one everyone in the community of hip hop and hoping to join it to look out for. When there is no trace of progress how will you support your genre? If there wasn’t a person who did this or that and it was recorded how would you say Hip Hop is something?

To the persons always having arguments whether this rapper or the other did contribute to hip hop’s growth whether today or in the far-flung past; pay attention! Hip Hop history is the clarity we need in order for the persons who weren’t born yet to have ideas about.

Division-ism tends to brood because one party is entirely informed by their artist or “celebrity” or worse a particular sub-genre. Hip Hop isn’t supposed to be Walt Disney but should be a medium you can control by accessing its history.  Hip Hop History is for everyone to consume if it means knowing or recording the effect of an artist’s work be it Graffiti, choreography, Knowledge, rap, or the turntablism.

Hip Hop history is for everyone and thank God there are platforms like these that hope to forever document it. You can’t be a good hip hop journalist without knowing hip hop’s history in Uganda to be specific. You can’t kick knowledge without history if you wish to be the main knowledge kicker*. We hope to have an all Hip Hop History Podcast Season very soon to get us a bit nostalgic with the past.


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