Audiomack and Boomplay vs Apple, Tidal, Spotify,Deezer, YouTube music for beginners – Fan acquisition in Uganda

Audiomack and Boomplay vs Apple, Tidal, Spotify,Deezer, YouTube music for beginners – Fan acquisition in Uganda

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In Uganda 89.9% (my estimates) of smart phone users own at least one android phone. Most android phones are from Tecno and Itel. Tecno smart phones by default have Boomplay as one of their music players. What does this mean?

Any artiste is already close to the fans. You are actually closer than you think. Streaming is free and download for most Ugandan music.

Audiomack is free to download (these downloads in the past could be exported out of the app). Audiomack is easy to use, free like Boomplay or Spotify’s Free.

Free is the keyword. If you are beginning and want to build an audience these two are easy to use. A fan won’t be pressured. They are easily accessible platforms and the thought of not paying sits well – you view some ads.

Now, find a good aggregator/ distribution company that can at least collect royalties for the streams.

Putting your music on these two platforms comes with statistics you can look into.

Meanwhile, Apple music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal YouTube music and Deezer on average cost $3 (Abt Ushs 10,500) . They pay higher royalties. Don’t gas your self up if the figures are low here as regards streams. It’s likely your audience is smaller here and it will eventually grow if you use and to build your audience. (Not a must, but we are looking at easier ways right?)

Accessing Boom and Audiomack is more relatable to most Ugandans and they understand streaming from the point of view of YouTube and the app already in their android phone. They are cooler introductions to the culture.

What Artistes and their teams need to do!

Artistes and their teams should capitalize that as they build audiences. I have a theory: these are the people who will attend your events. They are young people who haven’t gotten a steady job or push to do subscription on the other platforms. As they grow, they will be obligated later on to support differently.

I am not saying that those of you who subscribe to $3 and above platforms is bad, you are not ignored. The idea is talking about streaming is easier on platforms that don’t charge the fans but allow the artistes to scale up with analytics. If you can afford $3 thank you, we need you.

In Africa the download culture is heavy because we don’t know if the networks will be stable for streaming later on.

What should I do as an artiste or manager or artiste’s team member?

Use Audiomack and Boomplay to give fans free music they can’t play out of the app but can download and play offline in-app. It is less stressful other done those sites that don’t give you deeper analytics.

Distribute to all platforms also prioritize the free ones for fan acquisition.

Monitor all platforms you send your music to and later use insights in your next projects roll out.

Don’t try to be too cool on apple, the likes of  tidal when your Audiomack isn’t pulling 200 streams a month.

Note: I have YouTube music, Spotify, Audiomack and Boomplay on my Android phone for different reasons including this insight.

Wish you the best.

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  1. It’s quite frustrating that we do not have youtube music available in Uganda! I actively use Spotify (premium) but unless they fix they’re student plan, I will consider migrating

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