Finally Flex D’ Paper released his long teased album Kampala Boy. On this episode Flex takes us through his journey when he started out in the game around late 2010/11 and navigated patiently to reach where he is. Flex talks about his working relationship with Baru, A Pass, The Mith, Navio, Kemishan and  Aethan. He also shares the origin of the Rapaholix Wear, how he met Aethan, working in the early days with A Pass, Baru, Don MC and more interesting stories.

Flex dives into Kampala Boy album; talks about making of songs and one that wasn’t added on the album and many other stories.

This is part one of the two part Kampala Boy Album Talk. The Second Episode will be released soon here. NuveySHAWN is joined by The Mith to interview Flex.

Note: This was a live recording via Twitter Spaces. Enjoy episode!

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