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Bana Mutibwa of Luga Flow Army came out openly in his tetubonga nawe a reaponse to tubonga nawe which saw a number of the well renown artists getting together to show their support for the President. However Bana’s diss track opens with a scornful laughter to all the artists who featured on Tubonga nawe.

The youthful activist addressed his shots in away that paints a picture of hypocrites aiming for the yellow money. And infact a sign of greedy characters(when he rhymes with Haruna Mubiru and Mululu..)  The continued oppression as he says from police and a stagnant situation in the country is the reason why refuses to acknowledge the move for artists to rub shoulders with HE.
President Museveni.

Just like any one ,the rapper is entitled to his own oppinion

What do you think of this move by Bana?
Of course just Like Twakugudemu some questions might need to be asked and answered. Interestingly the FDC party flag bearer for 2016 presidential elections. (Well some of these political details had to be highlighted.)sent him props for the good song.



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