Creatives – What to do since public venues are closed over the Corona Virus Pandemic?

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The Corona Virus is here! Many artists and event organisers in Uganda are facing hiccups and no one expected the pandemic outcome. As per the president’s directive, all public places are to be closed up to April 20 something. The question is: what should band artists, club artists and other creatives do at this point? A few nights ago clubs and bars were raided since everyone should stay away fr these venues.

Health is Wealth! For artists who earn from playing to bars and other smaller venues and those who had concerts coming have been affected but it is important to look at what they can do to try and stay afloat.

  • Try to release new music via streaming services that pay. Since you cannot be out there, but you can put your music out there.
  • Sit and plan for the time after this Corona Virus situation. Think of what to do to consolidate this time technically lost.
  • Spend more time creating.
  • Embrace tech and look for music tech paying platforms.
  • Most importantly try your best to talk to your audience via social media regardless of what platform you use.

Share with us what you are doing for now.

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