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Fenrico has released a new track featuring Bayichi Mapengo and Neliah; together they talk about depression. They encourage everyone not to ignore mental health related issues. Neliah provides a hook that serves as a backdrop for the story of a barren lady, an ex-convict and even a rapper literally loosing his mind.

As Neliah sings the hook that requests each one of us not to break away for there is a solution; the stories told by the rappers sink deeper. Few artists have openly talked about depression and seeing the three champion this is a motivating. In an email Fenrico said that “Tomenyeka /Don’t Break Away” is aimed at saving us from depression. To help a brother or sister, friend and neighbour.

We are called to intervene in situations that our very own people are going through a hard time, depressive times, suicidal tendencies and the like; through music, film and physical reach out. Fenrico, Bayichi Mapengo and Neliah as artists have taken up this role to make our socities better with “Tomenyeka”

….My name is Fenrico and am here to share with you such an amazing song that could speak to either you, your friend or somebody you could have heard of going through a strange, hard and a trying moment. The song is about giving more hope to such a person depressed and therefor encourages then to carry on and keep moving…… May you be inspired. #SaveUsFromDepression

Part of the statement from Fenrico

“…at times it’s not money they need but someone to talk to” raps Fenrico.

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