Five Reasons You Need to Listen to UGANDAN HIP HOP

Five Reasons You Need to Listen to UGANDAN HIP HOP

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Without making long introductions, let’s dive into the reasons you should be listening to UG Hip Hop.

1.Hip hop is beyond music but a lifestyle. If you have at all engaged yourself into effective communication, you will realise that it’s a mouth to mouth talk involving the speaking party and the listener, in most cases words are spoken with owner conscience to another party there by deriving absolution to any query. Its these words are joined together to form a creative poem ! Artists like Lip pazo Lunaabe will tell you that songs like ‘Emundu Evuge’came from verbative talks with fellow comrades there by forming up lyrical vibe to the rhythm.

Enjoy the music when your happy and again understand the lyrics when you’re sad ,its alife style.

We as human beings tend to relate daily activities and experiences in a sad way, that’s wrong, Even biblical rather holy gospel rhymes were created by fellow human beings.

2.Hiphop is a stress killer. Following ugandan music , most fans are so much engaged in songs that bring out rather that echoe out reality in relation to thier personal problems and tough experiences, songs like ‘broken English” by Gravity Omutujju and ‘bambi ‘ by Fresh kid will be singled out as those that get people talking and again at the same time they make people hopeful for some reason or should be noted that most comrades are not educated and once they hear a song that directly talks about their funny English, yeah they feel relieved as it makes them fit into society

It should be noted that education is the key to success but also hard work pays ,anything that can get some one some income be it dirty jobs or low jobs shouldn’t be avoided.

Most top artists lack acollege degree or any equivalent, it’s their creativity and that ghetto mentality of never giving up that keeps them going.

3.Hiphop is a brain sharpener. Artists like MunG, Feffe Busi, Da Agent ,will bear me witness here, one would wonder how these people make it, not only these but also we have so many young and talented boys and girls in society that have many a times expressed their sharpness when it comes to freestyle sessions!

Just imagine some one telling you to start flowing on just any beat without any prior preparation, this stimulates quick thinking in order to beat the set time so as to emerge victorious.

I will quat the ghetto kids seen on TV interviews in ‘Ani Asinga’ kid like ‘Razor Blade and Kapiripiti Omubaaya will bear me witness on this.

4.Hiphop is a body therapy and a fitness code for a better body. This is a gentle music culture that gets one swinging along once a song is played, more so ,if its thier favourite! No need of vigorous shaking but gentle kinda slow sexy moves that react positively with adrenaline flow. Who ever knows the real hiphop beats needs to throw an a affirmation onto this point, I at times feel like a king once I tune onto songs like ‘sejusa’ by Mun G, songs like ‘yes/no by Feffe Busi and as well songs like ‘boasty/bossy’ by GNL Zamba! I mean there is away our muscles react gently onto the hard core beats !

It should be noted that some American doctors have so many at times directed patients to listen to gentle music as a type of therapy to make them mentally free!

Never underestimate the power of music!

5.And lastly Hip hop is togetherness and a celebration! In the current error, music binds us together mindless of ethnicity and class, I used to wonder how artists that embrace the Lugaflow could go and manage concerts in Northern Uganda and perform with mass attraction, Here is the reason! Uganda is made up of many tribes but we all speak a common musical language, for instance if one realised a nice artist that flows so good in Acholi or Itesot, he would feel nice to make a collaboration with him or her and even handle to perform in any part of the country, the name of the game is music!

Gravity omutuju who flows in Luganda can perform in Westen Uganda where most people speak Ankole but they all feel ok when the music begins, the beats ,the dances and the expressions! This is beyond togetherness

Music is a drug that can cure anything

Its a celebration, most soccer players would prefer playing gentle beats for them to dance-along while celebrating a victory! Songs are played and hip hop basically adds that special Midas touch! NAVIO songs do better here.

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