A quick guide for the 17th Edition of the Annual Hip Hop Summit 2019

A quick guide for the 17th Edition of the Annual  Hip Hop Summit 2019

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As we gear up for the end of the year and its festivities; the Annual Ugandan Hip Hop Summit is back as always for the 17th edition, bigger and more enriching. This year 2019 on the 17th celebration Bavubuka Allstar/Foundation will introduce a unique gathering. … aim is to develop beyond the local impact and to connect with the global networks.  More still, will expand our usual tradition and celebrate the Hip Hop Voice of the youth in Uganda.

What you need to know?

The B-Global Hip Hop Gathering is not just about The Concert. [This year’s celebration unlike the past years is a six day event.] The idea behind this is to impart knowledge spanning the five central elements of Hip Hop. This includes Workshops carried out by Ugandan Hip Hop icons, DJ Scratching demonstrations, B- Boy dance battles, a Graffiti display, Motivation speakers, Poets and a Hip Hop Fashion Show.

The Hip Hop Summit, now The B-Global Hip Hop Gathering, has been an on-going event for the last 17 years making it the longest running Hip Hop event in Uganda.

The event is powered by Words Beats & Life inc a hip hop non profit

Dynasty from America

Shiro One

What more to expect?

  • The event will feature American hip hop and soul artist Dynasty who has worked with Talib Kweli and DJ Premier and others.
  • Shiro-One, a Japanese graffiti artist with 21 years experience.
  • A line up of most of Uganda’s Hip Hop Pioneer, Artists and Fans who will be gathering to share their story of the The Journey traveled in [an] effort to keep Hip Hop Culture alive in Uganda.

The Venue and some more details

  • On Boxing day Event will happen at Exo Lounge which is located on 2nd Street, Industrial Area Doors open at 2pm until 12:30am. Fee is 5000.
  • Other dates have different venues as shown below:
This is a line up of the events

The summit runs from 25th of December 2019 to 28th December, 2019. This festive season is now catered for with this event for any hip hop fan and student.

Please leave a comment down in the comment section in case you need some clarity and we shall respond to you. You can let us know your memories of the previous celebration that you might have taken part in.

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