GNL Zamba and J-Wats are “Litty Lit”

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Rich people lifestyle and luxury…

“Litty Lit” is the second known collaboration between GNL and J-Wats. The first being the J-Wats adlibbed “Hustle and Motivate”. Rapper, singer and producer J-Wats as he continues to define his sound is joined by GNL to express that “I got some money now” energy, summer chill and have a good time images are all over this song.

The two say they are hot, “litty” like a flame. The bravado can’t be missed from the raps G offers on this Afro beat, Afro Swing meets Amapiano beat. J-Wats sings in luxury.

Looking for a song that can be added to your road trip playlist, listen below:

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