I Know the Language Your eyes Hear [Poem inspired by Stella Nyanzi]

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In the most unprecedented events that happened at Makerere University, on Monday, 18 April of one academic, Stella Nyanzi who stripped naked as a protest to reclaim office and left many  mesmerized, confused, shocked and contemplative. The story is quite so not  hip hop or  not at all poetry. Click here for the full story. However creative minds are always on the look out, a poem graced our in-box written in reaction to the event as a rhetoric to what this specific poet felt about the situation. It is wiser to let the piece speak for its self.


I Know the Language Your eyes Hear 

Close thy chambers O ye,

Hold the keys to thy door of unkempt revolts,

Till the time of grace, unleashes the mysteries in thy house

remove the wax in thy ears and listen to the brewing chaos

Of the accumulated degrees on thy stewards academic head

That contrasts the moralists head

Should the pedagogues refrain from logic and sense?

Upon this; shall the plant shed off her leaves one by one

And treat you to a spectacle of bareness

By Decimon Wandera

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