Lagum hails “Kampala” on new song feat. BB

Lagum hails  “Kampala” on new song feat. BB

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Artistes contribute to society in so many ways including national development. Lagum and BB are giving us good vibes and promoting Kampala.

What is your location now? If Lagum’s “Kampala” plays in the background you are most likely involuntary saying “in Kampala!”. Infectious with the catchy hook and laid back flow.

Lagum is looking for a lady to get lost with in Kampala. Joined by budding artiste BB the two make a soundtrack to Kampala, a potential domestic tourism hit and heat! The Pearl of Africa Star search just ended and this song has more pear appeal to it that if it was possible in the next season this be one of the soundtracks.

“Kampala” is a search for adventure, affection and most of the time braggadocio for the city and artistes. The song makes you want to go to Kampala, evokes feelings of being outside and hanging.

As the week of August 2-8 twenty years ago was a sad one for Lagum, “Kampala” is a celebration of life as he said in a tweet.

If you listen to the new track from abroad you will get memories hitting you and might yearn to come home.

“Kampala” isn’t the type of song putting much interest in physical features here and there, its a backdrop to the story the two artistes want to say – it is a steady execution. The capital now has another celebratory song.

Get “Kampala” here

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